Victim of the Void

by No Outlet

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released July 15, 2014

Thanks to Ryan Richie at Polar Pig studios for recording us, Black Cloud designs for the artwork and Jason Arp for the layout. Thank you to Estonia 1944, Pulled Under, Vulgar Display, Sold Short, Enchant, Afraid of Life/Concern, Judiciary, sweatpants, sports, Margaritas, and the entire Dallas Hardcore community.



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No Outlet Fort Worth, Texas

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Track Name: Annexation
One second you're fine, then the next, you're possessed
Ultimate collapse of the human soul

No expression, total regression
Something deep inside your possession

Almost lifeless, expressionless
Bloodshot eyes, internal cries
Yet something is ticking away
With a trembling limb
The outlook is grim

Such a tragic incident, making you so vigilant
Such a tragic incident, making you so vigilant

(You're) trapped now, struggling the whole way
(You're) trapped now, just a moment too late

Soaking in the lasting flame
Forever embracing the pain

(You're) trapped now, struggling the whole way
(You're) trapped now, just a moment too late
Track Name: Victim of the Void
Merciless sinner or self-proclaimed saint
Born into sorrow and waste
Retrace the path, use the evidence
As history repeats itself

The thoughts of man grow dull
And the body loses control

Life begins to diminish
Pushed to all it's limits
Devoid of energy

The thoughts of man grow null
And the body had lost control

Suck the energy
Victim of the void

Detrimental lethal exposer
Consequential social enclosure
Nonexistent moral composer
Life becomes....


Life becomes null and void
Track Name: Struck Down
Scrapping by
No end in sight

A fickle mind masked behind the masses
Stuck in continuous motion by power that surpasses
Molded to fit, but nothing would stick
An advocate for revision
Troublesome visions causing panic
Unbound by social division

Burn your rules
Torch the life you been given
Solidify your destiny
Terminate your cause
Eradicate your views

Burn your bridges for eternity

Burn your rules
Burn your rules